Our deepest fear is not
that we are inadequate,
our deepest fear is
that we are powerful beyond measure.
(Marianne Williamson)

Vocal coaching by energy of sound

Holistic, playful, with ease. How does it work?

Singing from abundance

Each of us carries energy in abundance and already owns all the tools to express that energy by way of sound. Neither student nor teacher have to "make" or produce anything. It is all there, and it is very simple.

photo: bark – peacock island, berlin Obstacles

You wouldn't think that, to start with. Many steps have to be taken to transform the wish to sing into actual sound. The membranes of the voice box need to vibrate. And narrow as it is, the neck region tends to attract all sort of tensions that limit the freedom of the larynx - habits of speech, emotional traumas, patterns of thinking. To get over these obstacles many of us - consciously or unconsciously - seek the assistance of "techniques" which often means using the power of muscle, mind, breath and even our soul to forcibly come into expression. A very exhausting, often frustrating path.


But there is another way, and that's what touch of sound wants to encourage. The secret is Awareness.
Awareness through all senses.
What do I hear, sense, feel?
How much freedom is there in the interplay between voice and body?
Am I open for new experiences?

photo: fountain – peacock island, berlin Freedom

To start with it seems almost impossible to be deeply involved in the singing process while at the same time being free to listen, to see, to sense, to feel from an open mind, without judgement. But as soon as we really open our awareness and start trusting it - what a relief. The burden of having to control everything falls away and we enter a truly open space. The whole process of singing becomes so much easier and more joyful when we actively invite into ourselves the freedom to resonate with our own sound. The more we learn simply to be receptive, to let us be guided by sound, the more our body will open itself layer by layer to new experiences.

It is such an adventure to find your own voice. The ear learns to listen in depth, the body tissues open up to receive and transmit vibrations, the mind hardly believes that singing can be so effortless.

Being playful

But this is not a linear path; there are many twists and turns. It takes a lot of imagination, playfulness, and compassion to convince body and mind to let go of old patterns and courageously try out something new. As with everything new there will be failures and frustrations on the way - so humour is essential!

And then every single step of voice-exploration is something to enjoy.

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