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The Living Room as Concert Hall

Over the last few years I have developed the concept of Livingroom Concerts - an old tradition that is just gaining new popularity. The intimacy of a living room with its echo of every day life helps to create a deep and almost physical dialogue between artist, audience and music. Everybody present is involved in creating the musical experience of this moment.

The music I play is mainly by Bach, Mozart and Beethoven, but my concerts also contain poetry and stories. Like the music they speak to the listeners' imagination and not so much to their intellect – with a touch of humour to keep the atmosphere light and receptive. So the mind is put at rest with a smile and the unconscious opens up to be touched by sound.

photo: livingroom concert – cologneBookings

For a booking I need:

  • An at least average quality, tuned piano (only acoustic instruments, no digital pianos)
  • An open friendly space
  • An audience
  • A financial balance of c. 200 € (details can be discussed)


So far I have developed and performed five concert programmes:

  • Piano Music, Yoga and Kashmir Shawls
  • Piano Music, Headstand, Mandala
  • Yin - Yang, Florestan and Eusebius and the Nonsense of an Axis of Evil
  • Everything is Possible
  • Magical Mozart / Mozart and the Higgs-Boson ...

Coming concerts

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