Mark, how one string, sweet husband to another,
Strikes each in each by mutual ordering;
Resembling sire, and child, and happy mother,
Who, all in one, one pleasing note do sing.
(William Shakespeare)

We are many-layered beings

Skin, muscles, organs, bones, fluids - every body tissue has its own texture, densitiy, vibration - and yet they are all interconnected.

Every single tissue can be approached individually and can then find its connection to other tissues or organs. This kind of body-dialogue is stimulated through touch, imagination or movement.

photo: safe space - church of peace sanssouci, potsdamSafe space

In a safe space of awareness and respect, my hands make contact with the (clothed) body of the receiving person. The touch is "open", as empty as possible of any goal or agenda. I try to just listen into the body, quietly inviting it to expand into its natural flow and fullness.
There is no right or wrong - touch of sound is simply about tuning in, about resonating in the present moment.
Then tensions that are held may soften, release. The flow of energy increases.
There can be movement or stillness.
There is space and freedom.


The body of music

In this new simplicity, whatever we do will be so much more effortless: be it singing, speaking, breathing, moving - or simply being still.
Body-Mind Centering has been my major source of inspiration and a powerful support for the body work aspect of touch of sound. But even when doing hands-on work I am still a musician at heart, letting my hands be guided by my musical sense for vibration, polyphony, rhythm, silence.

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